White: No Need for Trilogy

Written by Tom Ngo
March 3rd, 2009


Although BJ Penn refuses to accept that he was fairly defeated by welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, UFC president Dana White states that even though he agrees with the Hawaiian, it still would not justify a 3rd bout between the two. GSP holds two wins over Penn, with both bouts ending in controversy.

“Like I said, my opinion of the fight is that this guy absolutely, positively rubbed Vaseline on him when he didn’t have to do it,” White told The MMAsh radio show. “He didn’t have to rub Vaseline on him; GSP was winning that fight. I don’t see any need for a rematch.”

St-Pierre won a razor-thin split decision against Penn at UFC 58 nearly three years ago, and dominated him at UFC 94 for the better part of 20 minutes, only to have the victory tarnished amongst allegations of the illegal use of Vaseline.

“I think it’s legit,” White stated about Penn’s beef. “I don’t think that BJ will deny that he lost to GSP. But there’s nobody that watched that fight that can deny that the cornerman didn’t rub Vaseline on GSP.”

Although White feels it is unfortunate that such a convincing win would be questioned, he is more upset at the fact that it was completely unnecessary.

“What sucks about this is he didn’t need to do it! GSP was winning the fight,” stated an irked White. “Even if you want to talk about the ground, GSP was winning the standup too … And the guy rubbed Vaseline on him.”

Penn and Co. are in the process of filing a formal complaint to the Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding St-Pierre’s cornermen, head trainer Greg Jackson and Muay Thai coach Phil Nurse, applying the greasing agent to GSP’s body before the start of the 2nd, 3rd and 4thRounds.

“In no way shape or form do I think Georges St-Pierre cheated or tried to do ‘this’ or  ‘that.’ But his cornerman absolutely, positively rubbed Vaseline on him and absolutely [expletive] knew he was doing it,” said White. “So his cornerman needs to reprimanded and dealt with.”

If found guilty, St-Pierre’s cornermen, namely Nurse, may have his license revoked or suspended. It is highly unlikely that the French Canadian’s win would be overturned to a No Contest.

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