Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin: Where’s the Beef?

Written by Tom Ngo
June 29th, 2010

UFC 116‘s clash between heavyweight king Brock Lesnar and interim champ Shane Carwin is being hyped as the “biggest heavyweight battle in history.” While the pay-per-view numbers should confirm that sentiment, this blockbuster showdown will sell despite the lack of beef between the title holders.

“Do I have any beefs with him? No, not at all. I don’t ever take any of this stuff on a personal level,” Carwin recently told SportsRadioInterviews.com of his feelings for Lesnar. “I tell people when they get to start talking trash and stuff, quite frankly I laugh at it.

“I played ball on the football field, the stuff that was said out there, people would cry if they ever heard about how bad it is on the football field compared to the trash talk these guys talk. There’s nothing compared to what was on the field.”

While Lesnar has never been one to shy away from a good verbal sparring session, the biggest dis he’s flung Carwin’s direction was when he challenged the legitimacy behind the engineer’s fugazy title.

“It was a good fight, Shane, but that’s the wrong belt you’re wearing,” Lesnar said to Carwin’s face at UFC 111. “That’s a make-believe belt … I’ve got the championship belt. That’s the bottom line.”

While Carwin had every right to be irritated that Lesnar emerged to steal some of his shine after he collected the interim champion moniker, Carwin concurred with the former WWE wrestler by cordially responding, “I couldn’t agree more, baby, that’s why I am coming after it!”

As far as the haters that piled on Lesnar when he first made the jump to mixed martial arts, Carwin was one of the few that knew the talented, yet controversial, behemoth would make a dent in a sport dying for a heavyweight superstar.

“I told everybody when Brock was getting into the UFC that he was gonna be tough,” Carwin told SRI. “He won the National Championship around the same time I did. He’s a great athlete and he’s a specimen.”

As is Carwin, however Lesnar takes the term BEAST to a whole new level. He brings a rare combination of size, strength, athleticism and power that is unmatched in the sport. The assets are so imposing that it nearly allows him to equalize much of his inexperience in the sport.

“I think one of the ways to beat Brock is on my feet and beating him with my power. Try to avoid the take down and being underneath him,” Carwin said in closing. “That’s what he excels at is being on top of people and pounding them. That’s what Brock has done best.”

The pair look to unify the heavyweight crown this Saturday at UFC 116 inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

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