Carwin Nose Best

Written by Tom Ngo
March 12th, 2009

After annihilating Gabriel Gonzaga this past Saturday at UFC 96, Shane Carwin revealed on his official Blog that along with having a deviated septum, his nose has also been shattered into multiple pieces.

“(I) just got home from the specialist and he said my nose requires surgery to repair,” Carwin wrote. “I have a deviated septum and the nose is in pieces.”

The injury took place sometime between the opening horn and 3:51 to go in the 1stRound after Carwin had slapped Gonzaga silly.

“The Doctor told me he wouldn’t worry about making the nose look pretty since I am a fighter and all,” stated the wannabe comedian. “Fact is my looks are what got me signed with Zuffa 🙂 had I not been fighting I would of been in that fashion show in Vegas.”

Oddly enough, Carwin’s injury was left off of the Ohio State Athletic Commission’s medical suspension list.

In any event, Carwin intends to have surgery within the coming weeks, which will force him to ride the pine for a six to eight week period.

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