“UFC 112: Invincible” Results

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
April 10th, 2010

“UFC 112: Invincible” is officially popping off inside the Concert Arena in Abu Dhabi.

If you forgot it was an early start today, the UFC will have a replay available of the pay-per-view broadcast during their customary 10PM ET/7PM PT timeslot.

A pair of lopsided championship fights will headline the Octagon’s Middle East debut. Lightweight champion BJ Penn will put his title on the line against Frankie Edgar in the evening’s co-main event.

The Hawaiian owns a 15-5-1 record and is a 7.5-to-1 favorite to retain his strap, while Edgar checks-in at +475.

The night’s featured attraction pits Brazilian jiu jitsu master Demian Maia against middleweight king Anderson Silva. The planet’s deadliest 185-pounder owns a dominant 25-4 professional record and is prefect through his last 11 scraps.

Silva enters the contest a 8-to-1 favorite to make his seventh consecutive title defense. Maia, on the other hand, steps into the biggest fight of his career as a 5-to-1 underdog.

Preliminary Bouts:

Jon Madsen Defeated Mostapha Al Turk via Unanimous Decision (29-28 – All Three Judges)
Paul Kelly Defeated Matt Veach via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 3:41 in the 2ndRound
DaMarques Johnson Defeated Brad Blackburn via TKO (Strikes) at 2:08 in the 3rdRound
Rick Story Defeated Nick Osipczak via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
John Gunderson (154) vs. Paul Taylor (155)*
Phil Davis Defeated Alexander Gustafsson via Submission (Anaconda Choke) at 4:55 in the 1stRound

Main Bouts:

Mark Munoz Defeated Kendall Grove via TKO (Strikes) at 2:50 in the 2ndRound

Grove trying to keep distance, Munoz trying to close. Munoz gets a takedown and lands as Grove gets back up

Grove caught Munoz with a uppercut and drops him but Munoz grabs his leg and trying to survive, he pushes Grove against the cage

Fight gets separated, Munoz’ face shows some damage. Grove is being patient and avoids a D’arce choke

Munoz lands a few bombs and nearly gets caught in a guillotine and goes back for a leg. 1stRound: Grove 10-9

Munoz’ takedowns getting timed but he’s landing a few bombs himself. Grove working towards Munoz’ back but he’s riding high

Now Munoz is on top and lands some GnP, Grove’s body is getting bombed on, tables have turned now that the fight is on the mat

The flurry is on, Munoz is bombing as the crowd goes crazy, Grove is turtles up and the referee stops it! What a comeback

Rafael dos Anjos Defeated Terry Etim via Submission (Armbar) at 4:30 in the 2ndRound

Etim looks to use his kicks, dos Anjos using punches. Head kick by Etim missed, gets taken down and goes for a guillotine

dos Anjos is staying calm in the guillotine attempt, Etim is using a lot of energy as dos Anjos gets out. dos Anjos warned for spine knees

Fight stood back up, dos Anjos lands a left hook and pushes Etim against the cage. dos Anjos going for a leg lock but Etim spins out

dos Anjos goes for a knee bar as the round comes to an end, 1stRound: Etim 10-9

Both fighters exchange inside leg kicks, Etim misses a spinning back kick but lands a knee from the plum, Etim gets taken down

dos Anjos almost gets full mount but lands a few elbows to Etim’s face and then gets mount. Etim escape to half guard

Rafael dos Anjos slides in for an armbar attempt and forces Etim to tapout

Matt Hughes Defeated Renzo Gracie via TKO (Strikes) at 4:40 in the 3rdRound

Rogan brings up a good point, Hughes is standing orthodox, looks like he wants to strike with Renzo

Renzo lands a body shot and misses a big right hook, Hughes pushes Renzo up against the cage but he slides away

Leg kick landed by Hughes, Renzo misses on a flurry, not a lot of action so far. Pair of leg kicks by Hughes again

Very close 1stRound, have to give it to Hughes 10-9 for Octagon control

Neither fighter can land anything as Renzo throws a combo. Hughes tries to use his double underhooks but can’t get Renzo down

Hughes is finding a home for his legkicks to Renzo’s lead leg. Crowd is starting to boo. Renzo lands a legkick of his own

1 minute left in the 2nd, Hughes lands a jab and legkick combo. Renzo fires back with a straight right. 2ndRound: Hughes 10-9

Renzo starting to look tired, Hughes lands a big legkick that drops Renzo. Hughes gives Renzo a hand up, literally

Hughes is starting to land punches now with Renzo unable to really move or stand straight

Hughes starts to land bombs on Renzo as he buckles which causes the referee to step in and stop the fight

Frankie Edgar Defeated BJ Penn Unanimous Decision (50-45, 48-47, 49-46) (Edgar new UFC Lightweight Champion)

Penn is wearing a knee sleeve on his left knee. Edgar lands a legkick and avoids a Penn punch

Edgar keeps circling, almost eats a Penn left hook. The champ is patient as he lands a jab but Edgar fires back

Both miss left punches but Edgar lands another legkick. Edgar grabs a leg and Penn makes him pay with a few punches

When Edgar closes, Penn is starting to land. The challenger lands a body shot. Close 1stRound: 10-9 Edgar

Penn looks like he has a small black eye, Penn lands a short straight right. Edgar throws a legkick but Penn checks it

Edgar is throwing combos, Penn is throwing single shots. Edgar looks really active, Penn looks measured. Interesting

Power advantage to Penn who is starting to land more punches. Edgar can’t land clean to Penn’s head, the champ hasn’t looked for a takedown

Edgar trips Penn but couldn’t keep him down, not sure if it really counts as a takedown. Another close round… 2ndRound: 10-9 Edgar

Herb Dean wipes down Edgar to start the 3rd. Penn landed a combo as Edgar got in range. Edgar starting to eat Penn’s jabs

Looks like Penn is starting to time Edgar now but Edgar beats Penn to the punch the next time

Leg kick for Edgar lands and goes for a takedown but Penn slips away. Edgar throw a combo and avoids Penn’s counters

Nice body kick by Edgar as he fakes a takedown attempt but Penn lands a knee to Edgar’s body. Another close 3rdRound: 10-9 Penn

Penn has some swelling under both eyes, his corner tells him to take Edgar down. Edgar starting to take the center of the octagon

Body kick by Edgar, Penn still trying to figure him out. Another swing and miss by Penn the champ is starting to chase the challenger

Edgar throws a flying knee that misses, Penn counters witha  left hook that just misses, another close 4thRound: 10-9 Edgar?

Edgar starts with an explosive takedown but Penn gets right back up

Penn just doesn’t look right… Wondering if his left knee really is injured? Edgar is still circling around Penn

Nice right hook by Edgar to Penn’s noggin, Penn throws a right head kick and lands a little wobbly on that left knee

Legkick by Edgar lands, Penn counters to try and counter the much quicker Edgar

Great gameplan by Edgar, was it enough? We gave Edgar a close 5thRound 10-9

Anderson Silva Defeated Demian Maia via Unanimous Decision (Silva remains UFC Middleweight Champion)

The champ Silva looked more hyped before the fight than he does as the fight begins. Maia keeping some distance

Silva lands a big leg kick that spins Maia around to start the fight (2 minutes in), Silva starting to move more

Silva is starting to clown around as he lands a jab and another leg kick. Maia hasn’t thrown anything, more leg kicks by Sllva

Left knee to Maia’s head as Silva does his best Drunken Master impression. Clear that Silva is putting on a show. 1stRound: 10-9 Silva

Silva is keeping his hands down and is using his Royce Gracie stance as he lands a straight right. Maia eats another leg kick

Maia is starting to shoot but can’t even grab a piece of Silva. The champ urges Maia to fight like he did to Forrest Griffin.

Silva dodges Maia’s punches Matrix-style, another failed takedown attempt by Maia. Silva is starting to showboat

Not a whole lot of fighting in the 2ndRound: 10-9 Silva by showboating

Left overhand missed by Maia to start, never seen anyone this much better than the rest of his class before

Both guys throw strikes, Maia dives for a leg but Silva once again makes him look silly. Maia lands a short left hook but Silva is unfazed

Another left hook for Maia lands, Silva answers back with a straight right. Silva slips another from another takedown attempt

Left hook lands for Maia but doesn’t seems like it packs enough power. Fight is starting to look like the Thales Leites fight

At least Maia is starting to engage, Silva looks content with popshotting. Crowd is starting to cheer to Maia

Maia just motioned to Silva to fight, Silva motions back. Crowd really backing Maia now. 10-9 Maia for lack of activity?

Maia’s left eye is almost shut and he blew his nose between rounds (big no-no). Maia misses another takedown attempt

First signs of life from Maia who goes for broke and throws a combo that backs Silva up. Silva fires back from the ground

Crowd is going nuts, Rogan thinks Silva is gassing and does a GSP impression. Maia finally gets a leg and had Silva against the cage

Ref warns Silva he’s going to take a point if he keeps running around, Maia throws a right overhand. 5thRound: 10-9 Maia

* – The bout is a last-minute scratch because Taylor couldn’t receive medical clearance following weight cut.

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