UFC 112: Size Will Matter for Frankie Edgar Against BJ Penn

Written by Tim Ngo
April 6th, 2010

With the biggest fight of his career only four days away, Frankie Edgar will once again enter the Octagon as the smaller competitor at UFC 112.

Many would agree that Edgar has been able to utilize his superior wrestling ability and improved boxing to take each fight exactly where he wants it to go, and that’s why the Jersey boy has been able to nullify any size advantage his opponents may have enjoyed.

“They’re right, I am the smaller 55 pounder. You could see it when I fight my opponents that I’m generally the smaller guy, but I’ve been successful at this weight class,” Edgar told Fox Fight Game.

He has been relentlessly attacking the gym in order to pack on more mass to his slender frame, and feels by getting bigger he’ll be able to fully maximize his god-given abilities.

“It’s something that I’ve been trying to improve on and gain in size. I’m definitely chipping away at that a little bit so I believe (by) fight time I’ll definitely be a little bit bigger than I have been,” Edgar explained.

Compounding matters in his first title fight is the fact lightweight king BJ Penn is one of the division’s larger fighters, having competed at 191 pounds in an open-weight bout against Lyoto Machida in March 2005.

Edgar will be a 4.5-to-1 underdog when he enters the Concert Arena in Abu Dhabi, so oddsmakers aren’t giving the wrestler much more than a puncher’s chance against the Hawaiian. Although the betting line is significantly in his favor, Penn is aware that Edgar poses a real threat to his title.

“Edgar’s a very good opponent, he’s got a lot of big wins and he gets after it. I gotta be prepared for someone like Frankie,” Penn said.

Check out our friend Frank Edgar on Fox Fight Game by pressing play below:

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