Diaz to Shamrock: You're #1

Written by Tom Ngo
March 16th, 2009

Who says that Nick Diaz doesn’t respect his elders? At Strikeforce’s “Shamrock vs. Diaz” presser, he told Frank Shamrock that he was number 1 in his book. So what if he used the wrong finger? Details, details …

Not really David vs. Goliath, but these two are still bitter enemies.

“Nick, God bless you,” Shamrock said to his April 11th opponent. “Thanks for stepping up. When I punch your head through the second row, hopefully there will be someone there to catch you.”

Ironically, these two are more similar than they are different. The only thing that really separates them is their age. Ya see, Diaz is what Shamrock was twelve years ago.

Shamrock was the hotshot youngster that did everything he could to ruffle up his opponents feathers. Now, he is a mature 36-year-old that is adamant about challenging himself until he is forced to find a new job.

“I want to apologize to the fans in advance, you’re not going to see anymore antics from me,” stated the elder statesman. “No more sleeper moves. I’m just looking to smash people, make a few dollars and put my kids through college.”

Shamrock is too old to play those games now, and that is why when Diaz walked straight up to his grill and stuck his middle finger in his face, it didn’t illicit more than a sheepish grin.

“I feel confident, Frank’s too small for this weight class,” said the 25-year-old Diaz. “He’s got a little-guy complex nowadays. I feel that I’m a lot bigger than Frank is. He lifts a lot of weights. He can keep pushing them weights and do what he does, [it won’t matter].”

When Shamrock was asked what he thought about Diaz’ antics, he simply compared him to one of his offspring.

“My son is five years younger than Nick, you know, I send him to his room [when he acts out]. I take away his allowance.”

“Where’s he at? I’ll fight him too,” the irritated Diaz fired back.

“He’s in college,” Shamrock matter-of-factly replied, indirectly jabbing Diaz for his unsophisticated ways.

As Strikeforce drew the curtain on the press conference, Shamrock couldn’t help but take one last shot at his opponent.

“I think Nick just has to pass the drug test,” Shamrock stated, reminding folks that Diaz tested positive for marijuana after he submitted, then top ranked lightweight, Takanori Gomi in 2007. “How is that drug test Nick, did you pass it?”

Diaz didn’t seem too worried about the drug screening, however didn’t necessarily deny that marijuana still isn’t an issue.

“I think they are going to let me fight regardless,” Diaz replied.

Perhaps Diaz was “high” on life during the press conference and confused his middle finger with his index finger. Regardless, we doubt he thinks Shamrock is #1.

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