No Decision, See Ya in 9 Months Karo

Written by Tom Ngo
March 17th, 2009


On Tuesday, UFC welterweight Karo Parisyan received the worst news of his professional career as the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended him for nine months, fined him a total of $32,000, and overturned his split decision win over Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 94 to a No Decision.

Following his win on January 31st, the NSAC requested Parisyan submit a locker room drug test, which he ultimately tested positive for three different kinds of pain killers.

Parisyan was forced to fork over 40% of his entire purse for his fight. He earned $40,000 to show and another $40,000 for is “victory” over Kim.

The Armenian was visibly upset when the Commission handed down their ruling. He wasn’t accompanied by legal council, however pleaded for leniency after he admitted his guilt.

“This is my only form of income,” Parisyan said. “If I don’t fight, I’m nothing. I’m very, very sorry. It was completely unintentional. This is embarrassing for me.”

Parisyan may have lost all credibility with the Commission after he initially told a different story after testing positive.

“I told (the commission), ‘listen, by the way, if pain pills come positive, I have (a) prescription, I told you.’ They said, ‘no problem, as long as you have a prescription for it, and it’s like a pain pill, it’s not a big deal,’” Parisyan initially said. “I even told the main guy. He said, ‘Karo, as long as you didn’t take anabolic drugs, or cocaine, or any of that crazy stuff, you should be fine as long as you’ve got the prescription.’”

Parisyan had a prescription for Hydrocodone, however he didn’t have one for either Hydromorphone or Oxymorphone, which tests showed him having “very high” levels of.

According to the NSAC executive director Keith Kizer, he didn’t inform the Commission of his usage until after he was notified that he would be required to submit a post-fight drug test. Also, Kizer questioned Parisyan’s interpretation of the conversation that took place in the locker room.

“I mean, I wasn’t back there, but that’s nothing we’d say,” said Kizer.

One week later, Parisyan changed directions and said that he would no longer contest the positive test. He admitted his mistake and threw himself at the mercy of the Commission, hoping for a lighter sentencing.

Seems like the NSAC felt he was more sorry for getting caught than he was for taking the pain killers.

With the win taken out from under his feet, Parisyan hasn’t notched a “W” since he defeated Ryo Chonan at UFC 78 back in November of 2007.

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