Atencio: Hold Your Horses on July 11th

Written by Tom Ngo
March 24th, 2009

Although most media outlets have already confirmed that Affliction Entertainment’s third MMA promotion will go head-up against UFC 100, company vice president Tom Atencio states that talks are still ongoing and nothing has been finalized as of yet.

“I haven’t finalized [the date],” Atencio said. “[Scheduling an event for July 11] is a thought in the back of my head, but whether it’s going to happen or not is a different story.”

Word broke late last week that Affliction solidified an agreement to broadcast their third MMA event for free on either Fox Sports or HDNet on July 11th. That is the same evening that the UFC will be holding their monumental 100th event.

“It could be the weekend before; it could be the weekend after at this point,” Atencio stated. “It could even be moved into August. Right now everything is kind of up in the air until we have all the contracts signed and everything has been finalized.”

While attempting to remain coy about the situation, Atencio did say that he wouldn’t mind playing chicken with the world’s biggest MMA organization. In fact, he feels they have a great chance at high-jacking some UFC fans away.

“I think it could work. I really do,” said a fearless Atencio. “But at the same time there, obviously there’s a lot of – no matter what I do, I’m going to be criticized for it. I guess it really doesn’t matter either way if I do it or I don’t do it.”

The person that has continued to dog the start-up organization is UFC president Dana White. Although Affliction has held two fairly successful events, White refuses to consider Affliction as anything more than just a clothing brand turned wannabe MMA promotion.

“How do I feel about them trying to counter-program UFC 100?” White recently asked about Affliction’s counter-programming efforts. “I love it. I (expletive) love it. I love it. I don’t like these guys and I want to see them spend more of their t-shirt money.”

The event is still months away, however it is more than likely that it would be held at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, where their first two events were hosted.

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