Anderson Silva Makes No Apologies for Lackluster Performance at UFC 112

Written by Tim Ngo
April 10th, 2010

While UFC president Dana White, the entire Concert Arena audience, as well as everyone at home that shelled-out $44.95 were outraged over Anderson Silva’s disappointing performance at “UFC 112: Invincible” on Saturday, the middleweight champ claims to have no regrets.

“I don’t feel like I owe anyone an apology right now. Sometimes fights turn out good, sometimes they turn out bad,” Silva said at the UFC 112 post-fight press conference.

Although Silva did not want to atone for his second consecutive uneventful unanimous decision title defense, White did.

Over and over again.

“For something like this to happen, I honestly … I apologize and I’m embarrassed,” White told the media.

White was so disgusted with Silva’s play that he was seen slamming the middleweight belt to the ground as he stormed off to the locker room during the 4thRound.

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan noted that a visibly upset White said something to Ed Soares, Silva’s manager, right before fleeing the scene.

“Unfortunately, not every fight turns out the way everyone would like,” Silva matter-of-factly stated. “My goal in the fight was to finish the fight if I had the opportunity to. I came here to punish him.”

Silva spent the better part of the opening stanza clowning around like Roy Jones Jr. used to in his heyday. “The Spider” followed that up by taunting Maia for not engaging with him, although it appeared as though he made every effort to.

In the championship rounds, MMA’s deadliest marksman completely shut down and circled the Octagon, only throwing a few strikes the rest of the way. Apparently, the hard day’s work was good enough for him.

“The way I feel is my mission was completed. I came in and dominated the fight,” Silva said.

While Silva may have been pleased with his latest conquest, White remained heated throughout the presser. When asked of a potential mega-fight between Silva and welterweight king Georges St-Pierre, White ran from that quicker than he did during the night’s main event.


“I don’t want to see GSP vs. Silva after tonight. Silva might be the first champion fighting on a prelim,” White said of his Silva’s future. “I don’t want to see that [expletive].”

White certainly won’t demote one of his most popular employees, but his anger towards Silva is clearly warranted. Especially after the crowd turned on the title holder midway through the 3rdRound.

“I wanted to come in to make a point,” Silva said in closing.

A point was definitely made, it just wasn’t well received.

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