Nobody Happier with Anderson Silva’s Performance than Georges St-Pierre

Written by Tom Ngo
April 14th, 2010

UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva is the talk of the MMA town, however it’s not for reasons anyone is really proud of. One person that may have subconsciously appreciated seeing Silva’s ridiculous antics is welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre.

GSP was recently the target of fan backlash for his predictable game against Dan Hardy at UFC 111 last month. Although he had multiple opportunities to finish the contest, St-Pierre was unable to close the deal and was forced to settle for his second consecutive lopsided unanimous decision victory.

Silva, on the other hand, did everything except fight on Saturday at UFC 112. For his third straight title defense, the planet’s baddest 185-pounder appeared bored and more interested in taunting Demian Maia than adding to his extensive highlight-reel collection.

If fans weren’t happy with GSP’s predictability, they definitely weren’t pleased with the unpredictability Silva showed in Abu Dhabi because at least St-Pierre came to compete and tried valiantly to finish.

“I’d rather have somebody say, ‘Let’s not buy the Anderson Silva fight tonight because he knocks people out in two minutes,’ rather than, ‘He runs around like a jackass for 5Rounds,'” UFC president Dana White said of comparing his last two pay-per-view main events.

After calling Maia out in the opening rounds for not engaging, Silva was the one that spent the championship stanzas circling the Octagon refusing to throw. Not only did this enrage fans, who booed the champ for much of the 5thRound, but White went absolutely ballistic after witnessing Silva’s sideshow act.

Because of his circus-like antics, Silva now finds himself in the cross hairs of every MMA purists’ radar, much to the relief of the world’s best 170-pounder.

Another reason GSP’s smile might shine a tad brighter today is because Silva’s behavior shut the door, for now, on the potential mega-welterweight fight between the two greats.

“I don’t want to see that fight,” White stated. “I don’t want to see that fight after tonight. Anderson Silva might be the first champion in history fighting on a prelim. How do you sell Anderson Silva after tonight?

“People don’t want to see that [expletive]. I don’t want to see it.”

Enthusiasts believe a motivated Silva would dominate GSP with his superior striking in a way he’s never been punished before – particularly if Silva would be able to drop in weight to enter the French-Canadian’s kingdom.

For now, it appears GSP’s not going to have to test those waters and fans end up on the losing end once again.

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