Anderson Silva Upsets Brazilians With “Discriminating” Insults of Demian Maia

Written by Tim Ngo
April 12th, 2010

More information has surfaced regarding the conversation middleweight king Anderson Silva held with Demian Maia during the main event at “UFC 112: Invincible.”

Several Portuguese fans were able to make out what Silva was angrily shouting to his challenger in the opening rounds in Abu Dhabi, and it ain’t pretty.

At some point in the 2ndRound, the champ said, “Bate na minha cara playboy,” which in English equates to “Come on, hit me in the face playboy.”

While it doesn’t sound worse than anything UFC president Dana White would say in a nationally televised interview, the remark carries discriminating connotations when said in Portuguese.

Here’s how FightersOnly explained what the phrase means to the people of Brazil:

The stark class and economic divides in Brazil make for a wide gulf in status between the rich and poor. In Brazilian terms, a playboy is a hedonist rich kid, the product of a pampered upbringing who cares little for the poor and knows nothing of real life.

Silva also yelled “Cade o jiu jitsu?” to Maia, which literally would translate to “Where is your jiu jitsu?”

Then, when Maia would shoot for a failed takedown attempt or try to pull guard, Silva told Maia to, “Get up off your ass and get hit some more.”

When asked why the fight had transpired the way that it did, Silva told reporters, “I came here well-trained, but Demian disrespected me.

“I’m a black belt, and I’ve never stepped into the ring and disrespected anyone verbally before the fight and said things that he said.”

“The Spider” may have successfully defended his title en route to capturing his 11th straight Octagon affair, but it appears he’s lost the respect of his fans and much of the MMA community.

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