Swan Song?

Written by Tom Ngo
April 3rd, 2009


If you ask him, then he’s fought his last fight in the UFC’s Octagon. With yet another setback in his “budding” MMA career, Junie Browning fears that his 1stRound loss to Cole Miller punched his ticket to the front of the unemployment line. 

“With as many lightweights as there are in the UFC, that was probably my last fight…,” Browning stated after his UFC Fight Night 18 bout. “I would like to keep fighting, but it’s pretty hard to stay in the UFC, especially in the lightweight division. One loss puts you on the verge of being cut.”

Chances are that Browning may be jumping the gun on his UFC exit because, for some reason, company president Dana White has been soft on the troubled fighter in the past.

After numerous run-ins during his stint on last season’s The Ultimate Fighter 8, White extended multiple life lines to keep the controversial fighter in the house.

Before the fight, Browning was quite vocal about how overrated he thought Miller was, and hearing him speak afterward leads one to believe that he may have underestimated Miller’s skills.

“I didn’t think I would get caught on the transition to the ground,” Browning said. “Even when he put [the choke] in, I didn’t think he was going to have it, and then he threw the leg up over the arm; it was in pretty tight then.”

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