Takanori Gomi still not a done deal for the UFC

Written by Tim Ngo
January 16th, 2008

Former Pride Lightweight Champ UFC Takanori Gomi

For those of you who were paying close attention during UFC 79, Takanori Gomi was in attendance spending the night sitting next to Tito Ortiz and his girlfriend Jenna Jameson. 

Many were quick to assume he’d be joining the UFC ranks soon, but don’t be so sure.

Hayato “Mach” Sakurai was also shown on at a recent UFC Pay-Per-View a few months back, he was fighting at Yarennoka on New Year’s Eve.

Gomi is the top-ranked lightweight in the world according to several MMA pundits, but his last defeat to Nick Diaz (which has since become a No Contest) leaves a lot of people questioning where his mindset is right now.

Gomi has said in the past he prefers to fight in Japan and with K-1 HERO’s starting to take shape, as well as M-1 Global stating that they’ll be back in Japan, Gomi signing with the UFC is far from a done deal.

If Dana White and the UFC brass were able to land Gomi, there’s no question how deep the UFC lightweight division would be, especially if BJ Penn stays at that weight.

Penn does hold a victory over Gomi so there is some history there, but I honestly don’t expect for Gomi to sign with the UFC unless the money is so big that he’d be foolish to say no.

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