A Tangled Web He Weaves

Written by Tom Ngo
April 17th, 2009


Although he received much criticism for his performance against Patrick Cote at UFC 90 back in October, Anderson “The Spider” Silva swears that he is as motivated now as he has ever been.  The UFC middleweight champ is determined to be the world’s best P4P, so don’t blink on Saturday.

“On the contrary to what people think, I was very, very motivated for the Patrick Cote fight,” he said. “My motivation is to be one of the best mixed martial arts fighters of all time.”

Throughout his contest against Cote, Silva seemed to be toying with the Canadian knowing he could have him eating canvas at any given moment. Unfortunately, Silva never got the chance to end the fight on his terms as Cote blew out his knee in the 3rdRound.

And that is when the haters started the “What Happened to Anderson Silva” campaign. They claimed he had lost his desire to dominate due to the lack of talent in his division. In essence, they claimed he lost his Mojo.

Silva states that come UFC 97, all questions will be answered and all naysayers will be punked.

“With Thales, I’m very motivated for this fight, because everyone is always mentioning that I’m best pound-for-pound here or there, or one of the best fighters in the world,” professed the champ. “And having that type of label on me makes me very motivated. It motivates me to show my coaches and the world everything that I’ve trained to do in a fight.”

The Spider is saying the right things, but Leites will be entering this bout more than a 6-to-1 underdog – around the same odds that Cote was given against the world’s most efficient striker.

Who’s to say that Silva won’t be messing around inside the Octagon again on Saturday, however this time Leites catches him with one?

“Thales Leites has obviously shown his performance and shown to the world that he deserves the title shot,” Silva explained. “He’s a very tough fighter, very well-rounded, very good on the ground. But I feel that I’m very well prepared for this fight. I’ve trained very hard, and I’m going to give it my all. The most important thing is for us to go out there and put on a good performance to the world, and the most important thing, whether I win or lose, is that this belt is gonna stay in Brazil.”

Good enough for me. It’s kinda tough to doubt a guy that has rolled off nine consecutive wins, with only one going past the 2ndRound.

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