White Not a Happy Camper

Written by Tom Ngo
April 20th, 2009


After selling out the Bell Centre for the second time in as many events, you would think UFC president Dana White would be floating on cloud nine. However, the outspoken White isn’t thrilled with UFC 97‘s headliners.

“I personally apologize for what happened tonight,” White said about UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva’s title fight against Thales Leites. “You guys know this is not what the UFC was built on. This is not the way fights usually go.”

What exactly about Silva’s uneventful unanimous decision win has White’s feathers so ruffled?

“I’m personally unhappy with the whole fight,” White said out of disgust. “I did not like the fight at all, period, on either side.”

The 185-pound king now holds the longest Octagon winning streak with nine, however has not looked right in his last two outings. The world’s most efficient and devastating striker has morphed into a passive and conservative fighter, and White is demanding answers.

“I’m in the business of selling fights, and I think I’m pretty good at it,” boasted White. “But I’m going to have a hard time letting people know that, ‘I promise, his next one is going to be good.’ I need to talk to him and figure out what’s going on and why this is happening.”

The contest was so boring that White would have fallen asleep cage side if it weren’t for boisterous fans inside the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. How dare they rain down such loud boos throughout the title fight.

“We run a fight company, and when guys don’t fight, we sit down (with them) and have a conversation on why they’re not fighting,” White said. “This is what I do. It’s like having any other business and the guy doesn’t come out and perform at work.”

When fans used to gather around the water cooler discussing the world’s best P4P fighter, it was tough to not place Silva’s name atop the list. However, after his last two outings, who knows where he stands on that totem pole.

Actually, White believes he knows.

“He’s still the champ,” White said of Silva. “There’s still no way you can deny that this guy is the best fighter in the world. I can honestly say I didn’t like his fight tonight. I was unhappy with it, whatever it is. But I’ll tell you right now, he’s the best.”

As for the champ, it was as though he was reading the same cue cards he used after his last fight.

“Dana, I’m sorry,” stated Silva. “Next time I’ll be better.”

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