No Need to Apply

Written by Tom Ngo
April 20th, 2009


The UFC has to be the greatest company in the world. In times of economic uncertainty, the organization has offered former UFC light heavyweight champ Chuck Liddell a lifetime contract to remain with the brand he helped build.

“He’s not just going to get a paycheck,” UFC president Dana White said of Liddell’s future. “I want him to play a role in this [company] and actually come in and work and do something. I’m going to give him a real job.”

A real job? As in, ‘Chuck, the toilet paper needs to be refilled in the bathroom stalls, could you please handle that?’

With Liddell’s MMA career coming to an abrupt end on Saturday night at UFC 97, the promotion is preparing to use The Iceman as the company’s poster boy once again. But this time, it will be as an ambassador and hype-man.

“I think he’d be great to go out there to talk to legislators and go into these other countries and help us get these [shows] open,” said White.

White has been called a lot of different things over the years, and now you can certainly add loyal to that long list. How many other companies out there are offering such a plush job?

“He’ll always be a part of the UFC,” White stated.

Talk about a recession-proof industry. Where should I send my resume?

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