In Victory, Silva Still Can't Win

Written by Tom Ngo
April 21st, 2009

After his second consecutive snoozer in as many bouts, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva can’t seem to win, even when he wins. First, the champ’s statements after his UFC 97 performance were lost in translation, and now he is being accused of greasing.

While watching Silva enter the Octagon on Saturday night, SI.com’s Josh Gross wrote, “I’m sorry to say this, but it was pretty obvious that Silva took his hands, wiped down his face and rubbed his chest and arms.”

Gross’ live coverage of the incident started to spread quickly around Internet chat rooms, however has yet to gain the same momentum as the greasing incident that surrounded UFC 94.

Silva’s manager Ed Soares claims the accusations are unfounded and he expects this to be a non-issue in the upcoming days.

“I didn’t see it (the video) until [Sunday] night,” Soares said. “What did it say on the Internet? ‘Greasegate II?’ But how much Vaseline can you get from your face to put all over your body? I think it’s ridiculous. I didn’t notice it. When I watched it [Sunday] night on the Internet, I was like, ‘Yeah, he touched his body. He touched his face.’

“But I think that was just people trying to come (up) with something (to criticize), in my opinion. … How much is that going to change (the fight)? I think it’s ridiculous, man.”

In addition, the charismatic champion has seemed to fall out of the fans’ good graces. Nobody is doubting his abilities, but for some reason he has chosen not to showcase them in his last two outings, which in his defense, did result in wins.

However this is the UFC, and there is a difference between an uninspired win and utter domination. Silva was treated to a chorus of boos throughout his 5Round tilt against Thales Leites this past weekend, but he did apologize to the fans afterwords.

Or did he?

“It’s unfortunate that things sometimes turn out that way, but when you’re not in here, it’s hard to tell what going on sometimes. Sorry,” was Soares’ abbreviated version.

However, The Fight Network re-translated the script and it appears Silva said something completely different in Portuguese.

“Not everyone understands what they are watching. But hey, you guys can boo if you want to. You are paying my salary,” is how the site impartially translated Silva’s statement.

So what’s the deal? How long as Soares been putting words in Silva’s mouth? Is that why the Brazilian has come off as such a charmer in the past, because his manager has been controlling what he says?

“I paraphrase it down,” Soares said in his own defense. “There’s a lot of things going on at that time. Sometimes when they have those long statements, I just try to take the key things that he’s saying and translate it…

“When I watch the fight again, basically what he said – and like I said, he made a long statement – he did say those things. He did say that. He said, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t make you happy. I know that you guys are the ones that are paying my salary.’ That’s what he said. But sometimes, like I said, I’m not a professional translator. I just try to do the best that I can…”

Ok, so maybe Silva is too perfect of an MMA athlete and that is why we are nitpicking at every little thing he does or says. We might want to believe he is on our level, but he’s not.

Frankly, he seems insanely bored and ridiculously unmotivated. Georges St-Pierre, where you at?

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