Frank Mir Fires Back At Brock Lesnar

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
April 22nd, 2009

Interim UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir was unhappy to say the least after Brock Lesnar had some choice words for him regarding the knee injury that postponed their title unification bout. Mir even went as far as comparing Lesnar to former TUF nutcase, Junie Browning.

“I probably wouldn’t like me either if I made myself tapout in 90 seconds in front of everybody. I know in pro wrestling, you tap when it hurts and it’s kind of a sign of inadequacy,” Mir said regarding Lesnar’s feelings about him.

From there, things only got more interesting after Mir was asked if he feels that Lesnar has started to respect the sport of MMA more since joining the UFC to which Mir responded, “Junie Browning was highlighted on the [Ultimate Fighter] show and didn’t even win the reality show… So is that really teaching people in our sport to act respectful and to be a martial artist? That has to be a choice on your own. It actually probably hurts my pocketbook at the end of the day.”

Things weren’t all about Lesnar though as Mir got serious about his physical condition following his knee surgery saying, “It’s actually drastically horrible and I probably won’t be in that good of shape come July.”

We’ll find out at UFC 100 if Mir can do it again or if he will come up short now that Lesnar has gained some valuable experience in the Octagon.

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