Silva vs. GSP in Toronto?

Written by Tom Ngo
April 21st, 2009


The die-hard fans are praying for it, but there are still quite a few obstacles in the way before the UFC puts on another mega-fight. However, if a Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva middleweight clash does happen, the show could be hosted up north.

“I’m focused on Toronto now,” UFC president Dana White said of the potential blockbuster scrap. “I want to do a big event in Toronto. And who knows? Like I said, I don’t like to look past guys. Everybody who fights in the UFC is tough. (But) if Georges St-Pierre could get through Thiago Alves, who knows? Maybe we do Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre in Toronto.”

Which brings us to our first roadblock, IF GSP can get past Alves at UFC 100 on July 11th at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las, Vegas, Nevada.. The Brazilian is without a doubt the most physically imposing fighter St-Pierre has ever faced, and it will be interesting to see if the champ will be able to unleash the dominant G’nP that he has displayed in his previous five contests.

“Do not overlook Thiago Alves,” White said. “This guy is mean and nasty, and that’s going to be a very, very hard fight for him. Georges St-Pierre can’t start looking at Anderson Silva until he gets past Thiago Alves.

“Really, listen to me, guys. Alves is a very, very tough kid. Don’t overlook him. … I don’t want to concentrate on Silva/St-Pierre until he can prove he can get by Alves.”

The second hurdle for getting these two inside the Octagon together would be to get Silva out of the two-fight funk he is in. Although he has walked away victorious in those two scraps, he has looked anything but motivated and explosive.

“I don’t think that opponents don’t want to engage him,” White said. “I think they have a gameplan when they go in there, and they start getting kicked and hit. We’ve seen what this guy does with a kick and punch. Guys spin around when he leg kicks them. He’s powerful. He’s fast. He’s elusive. He has all the tools. When he lets them go, people fall down. … Game plans change quickly.”

White’s solution?

“I honestly think Anderson Silva needs to challenge himself a little more,” White stated. “Maybe we need to do another fight at 205 (pounds). Maybe we go to 205 (pounds) and do a fight [with] somebody who poses a serious threat to him.”

Lastly, Toronto does not currently sanction mixed martial arts. However, that is a minor detail that White intends to personally remedy by 2010.

“I’m attacking Canada,” the brash promoter proclaimed. “I’m going to spend so much time in Canada I’ll have to buy a house. I’m going to live here until it’s done. I’m going to be sitting on the porch every day they come to work.”

Getting approval from Toronto shouldn’t be an issue considering the UFC’s first two events in Canada sold out in record time. In fact, this past weekend’s UFC 97 inside of the Bell Centre in Montreal set a new North American MMA attendance record of 21,451.

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