Bobby Lashley Still Believes He'll Fight Brock Lesnar

Written by Tim Ngo
May 3rd, 2009

In a recent interview, Bobby Lashley was asked whether or not he felt he and Brock Lesnar would ever face each other in MMA, to which Lashley responded, “Of course, I think so.”

A lot has been made of Lashley’s upcoming involvement with TNA Wrestling because of Dana White’s wanting to stay away from the “sports entertainment” genre that the WWE and TNA have put themselves into.

White also said he would never sign Brock Lesnar, but now he’s the UFC heavyweight champion and one of their biggest draws.

Never say never when it comes to what White will do, but the odds are looking slim for Lashley signing with the UFC. He’ll need to make the most out of his upcoming bouts with XFC, MFC and any other promotions who are willing to sign him to show the UFC what he can do.

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