Silva: "I Won’t Expose Myself and be Knocked Out"

Written by Tom Ngo
May 4th, 2009

Silva: “I Won’t Expose Myself” – MMA is not like wine, you don’t get better with age. After his second uneventful win in as many fights, UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva explains his newly-found gun-shyness.

“I won’t expose myself and be knocked out,” Silva told TATAME.com. “I have to be the most efficient [as] possible with any opponent that I fight.”

And if that wasn’t enough to disappoint mixed martial arts fans, the 34-year-old Brazilian added that his old age is also preventing him from producing the highlight reel knockouts that we have witnessed in the past.

“Every day we get older, the reflex is no longer the same,” Silva said. “To fight … and try to do things that might put me at risk wouldn’t be good for my career.

“I’m no longer a kid, I have much to lose. It took so long to get here and we, as the age comes, do more conservative fights.”

What Silva appears to have forgotten is the fact that he became THE ANDERSON SILVA once he showed the MMA world that he was the deadliest striker to ever set foot inside of an Octagon.

With great risk comes even greater rewards, and that is how fans grew to love The Spider. Or at least that’s how they grew to love THAT Spider.

The Spider we have seen of late makes these kinds of statements, “I’m not risking something that took a long time for me to win.”

Shocking isn’t it? Is THE ANDERSON SILVA actually saying these words?

“One day I’ll lose, I’m not unbeatable,” admitted the 185-pound ruler.

Unfortunately for him, he has already lost some fans with his nonchalant attitude.

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