Serra Plans to Terrorize Bully

Written by Tom Ngo
May 19th, 2009

Matt “The Terror” Serra

Serra Plans to Terrorize Bully – Surprisingly, things have been pretty quiet on the Matt Serra front of late. It has been over a year since the outspoken New Yorker last fought, but that will be coming to an end at UFC 98.

In celebration of his return, Serra has decided that now is the appropriate time to start popping off again.

“You deal with a lot of guys in this sport and most of them are cool,” said Serra. “It’s a rarity you find an [expletive] and I found one.”

Serra will finally get the opportunity to beatdown his long-time foe Matt Hughes. The two were initially slated to slug it out at UFC 79 in December of 2007, however Serra was forced to pull out due to a herniated disc.

After months of relentless rehab, his back is fully healed, and to no one’s surprise, his mouth is showing no signs of rust.

“I’m going to get paid to punch him in the mouth,” Serra emphatically stated. “I’m going to do to him what you should do to every bully and that’s not only in America but everywhere in the world. What should you do to a bully? You should punch him square in the mouth. I’m getting paid for it. So who’s got it better than me? I want to know.”

Often times, feuds are manufactured to help promote a fight, however this beef runs so deep that even the wives have gotten involved in the verbal spats.

“I can only speak for me and I do,” said Serra. “And according to him what he’s saying and his wife and everybody, they want me dead. So it’s really exciting.”

By no means does the former UFC welterweight champ expect May 28th to be an easy evening for him. Afterall, it is still Matt Hughes that he is fighting. Throughout the years, UFC president Dana White has always called Hughes the greatest welterweight of all time.

It’s all good, because Serra is well prepared.

“I’ve said this before and I’ve been misquoted,” said Serra. “Someone quoted me as saying that he’s a one-trick pony and not good at that one trick. That’s ridiculous. I said that he’s a one-trick pony and he’s very good at that one trick. I’m not stupid. I know that he’s a dangerous guy and people are thinking he’s not what he used to be.

“He got Thiago [Alves] down. Koscheck didn’t get that guy down. So he did still get that guy down at least once and if he gets on top of you he’s a legit problem. I think his passing is real good and his submission defense and his ground-and-pound is real dangerous, especially from side mount.”

Perhaps after their tussle inside of the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada these two will have finally settled their differences. However, that is still a long ways away.

“What do you want me to say? He’s a swell guy and I can’t wait to fight him? [Expletive] him,” said Serra.

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