Georges St-Pierre: “Anderson Silva is Not My Target”

Written by Tom Ngo
April 28th, 2010

Apparently, conspiracy theorists have been conjuring up an epic tale behind why middleweight champ Anderson Silva single-handedly turned UFC 112 into his very own circus sideshow act.

It wasn’t that challenger Demian Maia disrespected his Brazilian jiu jitsu skills, or the fact he’s bored dominating the 185-pound division. “The Spider” acted out because he knew welterweight king Georges St-Pierre was sitting Octagon-side waiting to Kanye West his celebratory speech.

That’s correct. The theory claims that Silva knew exactly what UFC brass was up to and wanted to do everything humanly possible to avoid getting called out by GSP.

“That’s not true. My trip to Abu Dhabi was in the plan before,” St-Pierre told sportsnet.ca of his fictitious post-UFC 112 assignment. “They needed a guy to do the Q&A at the weigh-ins and Abu Dhabi is very far, so a lot of fighters couldn’t make it because they had to get ready for their fights.

“Because I just fought, I was one that they asked to go there – and also because it was a new territory, they needed somebody like a title-holder to go there for the fans.”

GSP crashed former 170-pound champion Matt Hughes’ party after his UFC 63 victory over BJ Penn.  However, most fans weren’t too “impressed by his performance,” so St-Pierre has since vowed to leave the post-fight speech crashing duties to others.

“I wasn’t there to call out Anderson Silva. I don’t call out people; I don’t want to do this,” St-Pierre stated. “It’s disrespectful. When a guy wins a fight, I think that’s his moment of glory and there is no way I should step in. But talking about Anderson Silva, I was there for the UFC for other purposes.”

Although chatter of a GSP/Silva mega fight has cooled significantly since the debacle at UFC 112, GSP understands what a scrap of that magnitude would do for the growth of the sport of mixed martial arts.

“It would mean the biggest fight in mixed martial arts,” St-Pierre admitted, however was quick to change the subject. “Right now, it’s not my target. I’m not the kind of guy to call out people.”

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