Urijah Faber Gets No California Love From Local Newspaper

Written by Tom Ngo
April 26th, 2010

For a guy that single-handedly put the city of Sacramento on the MMA map and carried the WEC on his 145-pound shoulders for the last three years, Urijah Faber sure isn’t getting the respect he deserves. In fact, “The California Kid” is receiving no California Love from The Sacramento Bee – his hometown newspaper that’s already pouring dirt on his illustrious career.

Here are a few snippets from “Leading Off: No Shame for Faber to Retire from Cagefighting,” the article published today by Victor Contreras:

“But featherweight champion José Aldo delivered a message to Faber – through numerous, painful leg whips – that should have come through loud and clear:

Retire. Retire now, not after another loss in which you’re cheered entering the octagon and booed leaving it.

Faber couldn’t beat Aldo on Saturday night or any other day of the week. No shame in that.

Aldo is a young, powerful kid. He didn’t even use most of his aggressive arsenal against a foe he truly respected.

Faber has made Sacramento proud, restoring pride to a once-great fighting city. He’s a true warrior who has survived many battles.

Why risk tarnishing that image or risk the chance of injury?

Take a bow, Urijah.”

With his convincing unanimous decision loss to Aldo, Faber has now dropped three of his last five contests, but still owns an impressive 23-4 mark overall.

Without a doubt, Aldo proved that his time to rule the division has come. However, Faber will always be the WEC’s most adored athlete, no matter what goes down from here on out.

Although a new featherweight king was officially anointed inside Arco Arena, that doesn’t mean there is no place in the sport for the charismatic 31-year-old. Faber’s notorious for his relentless work ethic and skills, so there is no reason to believe he can’t get back into the conversation as one of the planet’s best mixed martial artists.

As the saying goes, opinions are like buttholes, everybody’s got one …

“From Oakland to SacTown – The Bay Area and back down – Cali is where they put they mack down – Give me love!”

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