Tito Ortiz Lives Up to “Bad Boy” Rep, Jenna Jameson Pressing Charges

Written by Tim Ngo
April 26th, 2010

After weeks of back-and-forth Tweeting between Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson confirming to the world they were fine after illness and tragedy, things finally unraveled between the two early Monday morning.

The Huntington Beach Police Department was sent to the home that Ortiz and Jameson share in southern California for what was called a “disturbance.”

When police arrived at their residence, Jameson reportedly emerged with “visible injuries” and Ortiz was immediately taken into custody.

Jameson, 36, told TMZ while she was leaving her home with her father, who reportedly called in the 9:53 AM complaint, that she would be pressing charges against the former UFC 205-pound champ.

While wearing a pair of large dark sunglasses, Jameson unsuccessfully tries to hold back tears while confirming she and her newborn twins were, “Gonna be alright.”

It seems as though everything started after Ortiz left during the middle of this season’s edition of “The Ultimate Fighter” due to an undisclosed injury. It has since been confirmed he re-aggravated his back while serving as coach on the reality show.

Unfortunately, things only got worse for the Ortiz/Jameson household.

“Nice to be home. They put 6 bags of fluid in me. I’m better now. I lost 15lb. I [thought] I had swine flu but I didn’t. Just a really bad flu,” Ortiz tweeted following a brief stint in the hospital.

The bad luck wasn’t one-sided, as Jameson learned that she was going to have a miscarriage after undergoing surgery to remove an abnormal pregnancy that was on the outside of her uterus.

If his MMA career wasn’t on life support before, you can bet it’s dangerously close to being shut down if the former light heavyweight champion isn’t vindicated when the dust settles.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing from UFC president Dana White shortly regarding what took place on Monday regarding his controversial fighter.

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