Dana White Calls Affliction's Tom Atencio A Loser

Written by Tim Ngo
May 14th, 2009

Well it took Dana White all of one week to respond, and he certainly didn’t hold anything back in going off on Tom Atencio. Last week, the Affliction VP called out White to an MMA fight. Now it’s White’s turn. “He’s neither a fighter nor a promoter. He’s a [expletive] loser. That’s all he is,” White told Yahoo! Sports.

“I’m the guy who is killing all of his hopes and dreams,” White continued in his response to Atencio’s challenge.

If you remember correctly, White was supposed to fight Tito Ortiz last year, but the fight fell through after Ortiz found out that he wasn’t getting paid for it.

However, it wasn’t all negativity from White as he offer some words of wisdom for his foe by stating, “He should be worried about the millions and millions of his bosses, or his partners’ money, whoever it is, that’s he’s burning.”

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