Rampage: "Give Me My Belt Back"

Written by Tom Ngo
May 18th, 2009

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is a man that has particular interest in this Saturday’s light heavyweight fight between champ Rashad Evans and undefeated Lyoto Machida.

Since knocking Wanderlei Silva into next year at UFC 92, then taking a unanimous decision W over Keith Jardine at UFC 96, Rampage is now squarely focused on one thing.

“Give me my belt back,” is Jackson’s message to current 205-pound champion Rashad Evans.”We all fight for the belt.”

Although regaining his crown marks his ultimate goal, he still has a bone to pick with the man that “beat” him in a razor-sharp split decision. In an ideal world, he would once again be defending his title against the man that sent his life spiraling downward.

“If I get the belt back then maybe Forrest can get a ‘W’ and then me and Forrest could fight for the belt again,” Rampage stated. “I’d rather take him out in a five-round fight. Say if I beat him in a 3Round fight then all these little Internet haters could say, ‘Forrest beat him in a 5Round fight, he only won in a 3Round fight.’ But it don’t matter because it’s going to be a short night for Forrest any time.”

To whom much is given, much can be taken away. Nobody knows that more than the controversial Jackson. Although he has had his fair share of troubles, he feels that he will not only become a better fighter because of it, but a better man as well.

“I learned this world is a crazy place,” Jackson said. “We all have to live together. We have to get more mature. 2008 wasn’t all that great, but 2007 was like heaven. 2009 will be all fine because I’m going to be the man again. I’m going to get my belt back. I won’t stop for a long time. Get used to me. The UFC is my home and it changed my life and helped me bring my family together. I’m going to keep on trucking no matter what happens. I’m going to be the same man. I got my truck out of the shop. 2010 I’m going to do it again.”

Depending on how the main event unfolds this Saturday, he may get his chance to do it again one year early.

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