The First Nover

Written by Tom Ngo
May 18th, 2009


It has been almost six months since The Ultimate Fighter 8 finalist Phillipe Nover lost out on his shot at the UFC’s six-figure contract. After some soul searching and hard work, the former nurse is ready to hop back into the Octagon, but this time as the first Phillipe Nover, not the Next GSP or Anderson Silva.

“I feel great,” said Nover. “I’ve definitely been itching to get back in there. I actually, from my track record, don’t fight that often, so I’m used to the downtime and taking a few weeks off. Now that I’m fighting full time and training full time, I definitely got the itch so I can’t wait to get in there.”

UFC president Dana White didn’t do Nover any favors when he labeled the Filipino the “Next GSP” and the “Next Anderson Silva.” Comparisons that proved to be a bit premature.

“It depends how you take Dana White’s words,” Nover said of his bosses comments. “I’m not on GSP’s level or Anderson Silva’s level. They’re years and years ahead of me. They’re training full time and they are super-talented, but there is no telling in the next five years if I can get to a championship level. I’m training my ass off and I have some talent, so it depends how you take it. Anderson Silva would whoop my butt. I’m not at their level, but maybe someday I will be.”

He isn’t about to scrap with either of those two superstars anytime soon. However, he will be fighting Kyle Bradley at UFC 98 this Saturday.

Although Bradley is winless in his two Octagon appearances, Nover knows that those losses came against quality opponents, and that he better be on point if he intends to keep his job.

“He’s definitely a wounded dog right now and he’s going to go all out. It’s do or die for him, so I’m taking him very seriously,” Nover said. “He’s fought two tough guys and he didn’t lose to scrubs. He has a decent record and he has a few knockouts on his record, so he is going to pour it all out and he’s going to try to knock my head off. He’ll try to win by any means, so I’m taking that very seriously. I’m not underestimating him at all.”

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