Jose Aldo Has No Interest in Fighting For UFC … For Now

Written by Tom Ngo
April 30th, 2010

Although featherweight champion Jose Aldo showcased his devastating skills in front of UFC president Dana White at WEC 48, the superstar isn’t quite ready to compete under the Octagon’s bright lights.

“It is a plan for the future, but not now, just for a distant future,” Aldo told Sherdog.com of playing with the big boys. “I intend to fight in the UFC, absolutely. I do not believe in fighting against BJ or anyone else (right now). ”

Quick, someone tell Jose that Frankie Edgar is the UFC’s new 155-pound king.

Whether it’s Egar, Penn or any other lightweight, Aldo understands that he will have to pack on additional mass to his 145-pound frame in order to physically matchup with the bigger athletes.

“At the moment I am still not thinking about it,” Aldo humbly said of competing in multiple divisions. “Before I get there, I have to do some fights to adapt to the weight, and then I’ll just see what happens.

“First, I have to train and defend the title a few times in my division.”

The Brazilian may have only put his strap up for grabs once thus far, but he’s batting a thousand. Aldo manhandling Urijah Faber – the division’s former ruler – like no other featherweight had ever done before. The striker pounded away at Faber’s left-lead leg for the better part of 25 minutes, making “The California Kid’s” thigh look like this two days after:

“The strategy that my coach (Andre Pederneiras) drew up was perfect,” Aldo said of his masterful gameplan. “I went in there to try to block the punches, and (use) my kicks when I had the opportunity. Thank God the strikes worked and my timing was right. Everything happened the way we planned.”

With the win, Aldo bumped his pro record to an astonishing 17-1 and is a perfect 7-0 in the WEC. Aldo probably should have finished Faber off inside the Arco Arena on Saturday, however many believe he settled for the unanimous decision victory because he didn’t want to embarrass the helpless former champ in  his hometown of Sacto.

“Faber showed everybody that he is a warrior,” Aldo said of the WEC’s most famous athlete. “He even told me later that he considered quitting a couple of times during the fight, but he was fighting at home, with the crowded arena. He is a great fighter.”

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