UFC Undisputed 2009 Review (Updated)

Written by Tim Ngo
May 20th, 2009

For those of you with an XBox 360 or Playstation 3, you have a chance to pickup the UFC’s new video game today at your local retailer. Former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin is featured on the U.S. cover and Georges St-Pierre is featured on the game’s Canadian cover.

We here at 5thRound.com had the opportunity to pickup a copy of the game a few days early for the XBox 360 and got to play it extensively so that we could give a fair and accurate review. Let’s get right into it.

Graphics: When you talk about the current next-gen systems (XBox 360 and PS3), graphics are the primary selling point for consumers. UFC Undisputed 2009 doesn’t disappoint as it yields some of the most realistic graphics seen on either system. From the tattoo on Brock Lesnar’s chest to Chuck Liddell’s famous hair style, you’ll know who you’re using without a doubt. Everything inside the Octagon is 100% authentic, the only issue is the graphics outside the cage. The fans look decent but it’s obvious that THQ didn’t want to spend too much time with something that you won’t really see too much.

Gameplay: UFC Undisputed 2009 is easily the deepest UFC video game ever. The ground game is one of the most exciting features if done right. Of course you can sit there and simply ground and pound someone in 10 seconds but you have to be careful because the person on the bottom could catch you in an armbar as well. The movement is easy and the new muay-thai clinch system is also very good. We did feel that punching was a little difficult as the fighter’s reaches did feel a little awkward but kicks are spot on. THQ did a great job of displaying each fighter’s strengths such as Chuck Liddell’s superior striking power as opposed to a guy like Lyoto Machida, who doesn’t have the same power as “The Iceman”.

Authenticity: With any sports video game, you want it to look and feel as real as possible. UFC Undisputed 2009 doesn’t disappoint. From little details like Dana White’s persona sitting outside of the cage to the referees that we are accustomed to seeing in UFC fights, you’ll feel like you’re watching a Pay-Per-View. You’ll also see the UFC ring girls before each fight as well. THQ did a great job of bringing the UFC experience to a video game console. The music you hear in the game is identical to what you’ll see on a UFC event, the only thing that stands out as “fake”, would be the way the game displays the judges decisions. Players will know who wins before all the scores are read off because the scores are shown on the screen, it really is a letdown for fights that go to the scorecards.

Final Verdict: This game is a definite buy for ANY MMA fan. The gameplay is too good, the graphics are too authentic and online play is extremely fun if you’re good enough to compete against someone across the globe. The only thing we wanted was the authentic fight entrances of each fighter but we understand why they didn’t do it. Maybe it’s something they can do next time.

If we had to give a score, the game would rate 8.8/10.

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