Burger King to Go Beyond The Octagon for UFC 98

Written by Tom Ngo
May 23rd, 2009

We all get to see what happens when a fighter enters the Octagon with his respective music blasting, entertains and then leaves, but fans have never had access to what their favorite fighters are doing behind the scenes. That was until now, as the UFC will launch Beyond the Octagon at UFC 98.

The King has certainly put his stamp all over this event as Burger King will be sponsoring multiple UFC 98 extras, most notably their free LIVE stream of exclusive backstage activities.

Beginning at 8 PM EDT/5PM PDT,  two hours before the pay-per-view event is set to broadcast, Burger King (BK) is sponsoring a free multi-stream on UFC.com. MMA fans will get free access to four cameras dedicated to:

The locker room of UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans
The locker room of the Brazilian Lyoto Machida
The backstage hallway where fighters start their march to the Octagon
Sit Octagon-side with UFC president Dana White

BK has allowed the fan to be their own director as they can manipulate which camera they prefer to view, as well as its display size.

Certainly sounds pretty cool, it would be ever sicker if there was audio.

In addition to Beyond the Octagon, BK will have their logo plastered on the Octagon mat for the first time. The hamburger giant will also sponsor the UFC 98 Fight Clock in the bottom left corner of the screen.

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