Alistair Overeem Injured During Late Night Brawl

Written by Tim Ngo
May 25th, 2009

It was supposed to be Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem taking on Brett Rogers on Strikeforce’s June 6th card. Unfortunately for Rogers, Overeem injured his hand while trying to help his brother, Valentine, who was being surrounded by six security guards.

Alistair was on his way out after the Overeem brothers were asked to leave a club. The security guards on duty thought that Alistair was unwilling to pay the toilet woman to use the restroom, but he was actually telling her that he didn’t have change and would pay her a euro when he came back.

At that point, security had asked both Valentine and Alistair to leave, but Valentine was still getting clarification as to why they were being escorted out. When Alistair had looked back, he saw that his brother had been hit in the face with a flashlight by one of the guards, which forced Alistair to come back in and help his brother.

It is being reported by Fighters Only Magazine that five out of the six guards were sent to the hospital with various injuries and that one of the guards has been fired.

After the brawl, Alistair had complained of his hand hurting, but he never went to get checked out. It was his teammates who pushed him to go to the doctor and that visit may have saved his career according to Golden Glory’s manager, Bas Boon.

“When he [Alistair] finally got his injury checked, he was advised to stay a few days in the hospital. They told him if he would have come any later he would have lost his hand,” Boon said via his blog.

With Overeem having to pull out of his title fight with Rogers, former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski has volunteered to step in.

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