Tito Ortiz Issues Statement Regarding Jenna Jameson Incident

Written by Tom Ngo
April 30th, 2010

The backpedaling between Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz is certainly starting to pick up steam. Today, it was Ortiz’s attorney’s turn to make sure everyone realizes that what went down Monday morning was a complete “misunderstanding.”

“Both sides are interested in the truth coming out and for the welfare of their children and bringing an end to this,” Chip Matthews told Sherdog.com on Friday.

They’re not the only ones anxious to hear what really happened at the Huntington Beach, California home the couple share. Let’s recap the string of vicious accusations they have flung at each other thus far:

Jenna: Tito didn’t beat me, but …

Ortiz: Jenna’s a drug addict.

Jenna: Tito is a “wife beater” and he threw me in the bathtub. I tore two ligaments in my shoulder (even though I went to CVS to buy an elbow brace immediately after the “disturbance”).

Ortiz: Jenna’s been a druggie for over a year and has threatened to commit suicide before.

Hard to imagine there’s a way to mend the bridge they equally torched, however Matthews claims their side never really said anything bad in the first place.

“We never said Jenna was on drugs,” Matthews professed. “We had said that he had found drugs in her pants from the night before. We were told later that the drugs were old.”


Perhaps Matthews would care to watch the press conference again as he said:

“Unfortunately, Jenna Jameson has been facing and fighting a battle with OxyContin addiction for well over a year.”

“Unfortunately, this morning, Jenna relapsed and suffered the consequences of that.”

“Jenna has threatened suicide, has had an addiction and Tito has done everything within his power to protect her privacy.”

So, which part of those comments should we consider as a “misunderstanding?”

Probably the piece about Ortiz wanting to “protect her privacy” because he put her on blast the instant she threw him under the bus.

Anyway, here’s the generic statement Ortiz released to Sherdog.com on Friday:

“I would like to thank the MMA community and its fans for their continued support. I have received thousands of messages of encouragement from friends and family within the MMA community. Your support means as much to me outside the Octagon as it does inside. Thank you.”

In case you missed Monday’s drama, here is our exclusive play-by-play coverage of “Ortiz vs. Jameson.”

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