The Lyoto Machida Era Has Begun

Written by Tim Ngo
May 25th, 2009


Machida’s Era Has Begun – With a knockout victory over the former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, Lyoto Machida has quickly put to bed all that ‘boring fighter’ talk.
UFC gold has been a long time coming for the 15-0 Machida and he is ready to begin his reign as Octagon king.

“Since I was 15 years old, the first time that I saw the UFC I put it in my head [and said] ‘I will do that,'” Machida said following the biggest win of his career. “I’m very very happy and I’ll train hard to keep my belt for a long time.

“I tried hard. I learned jiu-jitsu. I adapted my karate, Machida-Karate, for MMA and I believed all the time. Training hard everyday and now I’m champion.”

In jacking Evans’ title, Machida not only extended his prefect MMA record, but he proved a point in the process. Rashad Evans isn’t some chump off the street. He too was a previously unbeaten champ.

Machida’s elusive style hasn’t been popular among mixed martial arts fans, however it has proved to be quite effective.

Catch him if you can.

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