Randy Couture Will “Put James Toney on His Butt”

Written by Tom Ngo
May 3rd, 2010

When James Toney signed with the UFC this past March, president Dana White practically had every fighter in the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions demanding to face the boxing legend. It now appears White is leaning towards Randy Couture to have the honors, and the Hall of Famer is more than willing to oblige.

“Someone needs to welcome him appropriately to mixed martial arts, and show him what we’re all about,” Couture told MMAWeekly Radio on Monday.

Although White all but confirmed the scrap to a group of reporters following WEC 48, Couture hasn’t been presented with anything formal from the organization regarding the proposed August 28th meeting.

“I think it will happen pretty soon, but I haven’t heard anything about the bout agreement, or any of that stuff. So far it’s not official, it’s all just hearsay. But I know some of it’s come from Dana as well, so it’s just a matter of time,” Couture said.

“Hopefully we get a chance to sign for the James Toney fight here pretty quickly, probably in the next couple weeks, and they’re looking to put that fight on at UFC 118 in Boston in August. I’m excited about that.”

As far as boxing goes, Toney’s resume speaks for itself. However, MMA is a completely different ballgame and Couture will look to violently expose the 41-year-old’s lack of Octagon experience.

“He’ll be very formidable at range, and I think anybody who faces him would be silly to stand around in front of him and play that game,” said Couture. “There’s so many other tools that come in play in mixed martial arts. Hopefully, he’ll have learned some of them, and we’ll have a great fight.”

And when all else fails?

“I’m going to go out and try to set him up, use my striking effectively to set him up, run him into the fence when possible, and tie him up and smother him, and put him on his butt,” Couture matter-of-factly stated. “It’s a lot harder for him to be an effective boxer from his butt.”

UFC 118 is scheduled to take place inside the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on August 28th.

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