TUF News for Evans and Rampage

Written by Tom Ngo
May 28th, 2009

According to reports, the UFC has decided to have former light heavyweight champs Rashad Evans and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson coach opposite each other on the 10th season of the hit reality show “The Ultimate Fighter.”

Late Wednesday evening, Rampage posted the following on his Twitter page, “To watch myself in the movie midnight meat train & packing my stuff to move to Vegas to coach TUF!!”

This is an interesting pairing considering tradition has been for the two coaches to meet inside the Octagon after filming wraps on the popular television show.

Immdediately following Evans’ title loss to Lyoto Machida this past weekend at UFC 98, president Dana White Twittered that the line for Machida’s new title starts behind Rampage, “The fights were awesome last night!!! Rashad walked in to redman time for some action. Lyoto vs Rampage next.”

According to Machida’s official website, he is anticipating a fight against Rampage in Las Vegas sometime this September. In addition, after claiming his crown this weekend, Machida said that he would be open to coaching on the show.

However, it is highly likely that show execs (ahem, Dana White) felt the Brazilian’s English isn’t up to par and that he might be a tough watch for some.

So, all fingers now point to a Rampage-Evans showdown on TUF 10, then a Rampage-Machida title fight this fall. Surely, the organization opted for this arranagement to help boost the ratings for their show. The numbers have steadily declined since their rookie season, and the smack-talk between Evans and Rampage would be a surefire blockbuster hit.

Additionally, their back-and-forth banter will be a great way to build-up a future scrap between the two and UFC fans can play witness to what Rampage calls, “Some black on black crime!” 

This move also allows Rampage an immediate shot to regain his title following his W over Keith Jardine at UFC 96. Rampage was initially offered the fight against Evans this past Saturday, however he opted to wait and allow his body and mind to heal, which Machida gladly capitalized on.

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