WWE's JBL Jumps Into MMA

Written by Tim Ngo
May 29th, 2009

John Layfield, better known to WWE fans as ‘JBL’, has entered into the sport of mixed martial arts. He won’t be fighting, but he’s going to help Kentucky based Vyper Fight League try to make a splash in the sport. “This is an unbelievable sport,” Layfield told FOX Fight Game.

For those who think Layfield has no experience in sponsoring or promoting an MMA promotion, think again. “You can take a carbon copy of the wrestling industry twenty years ago and put it over this,” Layfield said comparing MMA’s current regional status to how pro wrestling was over twenty years ago.

Discussions with local CW and MyNetworkTV networks are on their way with a possible VFL reality show in the works that Layfield admitted would be more like the “TapouT” reality show and less like the UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter.”

Although new to the sport, Layfield will get help from Bruce Pritchard and Danny Davis, who will also try and use their pro wrestling expertise and make Vyper a success. Layfield is looking to turn the VFL into what Strikeforce currently is, a former regional promotion that is about to sign a deal with CBS and go national.

Layfield did take some time out to discuss the UFC, Dana White and Brock Lesnar in particular.

“Dana White should’ve never booked that fight [between Lesnar and Frank Mir],” the professional wrestler said. “That was the one fallibility that Brock had was he didn’t know submissions. He’s a brute, he was a national champion [in wrestling] but he won it by beating up people. Not even sure he’s a great wrestler, he’s just a great athlete.

“You put him in there against Frank Mir, I would have never done that. I would’ve gave him eight tomato cans in a row, you don’t have to fix them [the fights], but let Brock become your biggest draw. You almost hurt your biggest draw, thank god he came back, at least for Brock and for fans of Brock and beat Randy Couture.”

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