Rogers Wants Respect

Written by Tom Ngo
June 2nd, 2009


Rogers Wants Respect – Aretha Franklin may have sang about it, but Strikeforce heavyweight Brett Rogers is seeking it.

This Saturday, former UFC champ Andrei Arlovski is gonna find out exactly what RESPECT means to the former Sam’s Club tire repairman.

“Now, it’s about building respect,” Rogers emphatically stated. “I’m just at that point where I have a great gym now, we have top coaches, and I’m doing everything I need to do to take on top fighters.”

You would think a man that owns a perfect 9-0 record, all ending in devastating fashion, would be considered amongst the world’s best in a division desperately in need of stars. However, that hasn’t been the case as most believe his resume doesn’t contain the big names required to be a Top 10 fighter.

You better believe that posting a W over Arlovski inside the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri will certainly provide him the credibility that he is starving for.

“I get the fight with Arlovski, knock him out, hopefully move on to someone better,” Rogers said. “This isn’t going to be forever, so I (need) to make my move like right now while I’m healthy, nothing’s wrong.”

The last time MMA fans saw Arlovski, he was using his face to block WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko’s right fist, which ultimately sent him on a one way trip to Queer Street. Regardless of his “Affliction: Day of Reckoning” performance, he has still rolled off wins in 11 of his last 14 scraps.

Rogers is well aware of the persona that is “The Pitbull” and his laundry-list of accomplishments, however he could really care less.

“He’s just another man,” said Rogers. “You know, he walks around with vampire teeth and all that. If we don’t go out there and bang, then I’m gonna want the tooth. That’s the way I see it. I want to go in there and just hurt … that’s all I’m thinking. I just want to hurt. None of that soft, tappy stuff, I just want to hurt.”

Rogers knows that in order to apply the “hurt,” he will need to sharpen up his stand-up game as Arlovski’s hands have improved dramatically since teaming with legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach a couple years back.

“I’ve been more concerned about speed, working with guys with a lot of speed ever since I heard about the fight,” said Rogers. “Arlovski, he’s going to want to move around a lot. I definitely want control of this fight. Arlovski’s a lighter heavyweight, and he’s real light on his toes, so definitely more conditioning and more control.”

Final thoughts on what’s gonna take place at “Strikeforce: Lawlers vs. Sheilds:“?

“I’m still undefeated, and I plan on being that way after the 6th,” Rogers confidently stated.

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