Big Day in the Big Apple for MMA

Written by Tom Ngo
June 3rd, 2009

New York

The sport of mixed martial arts took a gigantic leap forward today as the New York State Assembly’s Committee on Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports passed Bill 2009-B, which would allow for the NYSAC to regulate MMA in the world’s largest market.

There are 20 Committee members in all, and only 11 “Yay” votes were needed to move forward. The Bill was ultimately approved by a 14-6 margin.

“We’ve cleared a huge hurdle in getting it [past] our committee,” Michael Kim, assistant to New York Assemblyman (and bill supporter) Steven Englebright told MMAJunkie.com. “Until today, we had never gotten it [past] our committee.”

Assemblyman Bob Reilly played the role of “hater” as he presented arguments opposing the Bill. Reilly has been quite loud with his discontent for MMA, going as far as releasing a document to his fellow Committee folk outlining the cons of MMA and allowing the violent sport into their state.

Democratic representative, Assemblyman Jonathan Bing, was our “Superman” as he presented on behalf of MMA and its rapidly-growing fan base.

Although today’s vote marked a major hurdle for MMA, it is far from a done deal. The Bill will now be handed to the Codes Committee (for Bills with legal implications), then given to the Ways and Means Committee (for Bills with fiscal implications).

Both Committees will then vote on the Bill before handing the baton to the Assembly floor to conduct a general vote.

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