170 is Just Right for Diaz

Written by Tom Ngo
June 6th, 2009


Although controversial fighter Nick Diaz has been dabbling in multiple weight classes of late, his trainer Cesar Gracie states that his protege will likely return to the welterweight division once the dust has settled.

“With a title fight against Cung Le nowhere on the horizon Nick will probably be going back down to the 170lbs division,” Gracie stated on his website. “I know there’s been speculation about a rematch with Robbie Lawler, but Diaz will be dropping weight as he picks up his running and cardio training.”

Last month, Diaz packed on a few lbs. to dominate former UFC champion Frank Shamrock in a catch-weight bout at 179-pounds, and he has already signed on to meet Scott Smith at a catch-weight of 180-pounds at today’s “Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields” event.

But after that bout, Diaz’ coach says that it is time for his fighter to focus and dominate one division at a time.

“After this fight we’ll have Nick drop back down to 170lbs and probably stay there unless Strikeforce has something interesting for him,” stated the Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend.

Because his fighter is so versatile, Gracie did concede that Diaz could again compete in multiple weight classes in the future, however lightweight, the division in which Diaz made his name, isn’t going to be an option.

“As far as a return to lightweight is concerned, forget it,” said Gracie. “Unless BJ Penn or some other mega fight comes up he won’t return to that weight class. It just isn’t healthy. He was having terrible performances against B-level fighters. The weight drop was causing lots of health related problems and he wasn’t performing to his ability. If you put Anderson Silva at lightweight he’d get crushed cause he’d enter the cage half dead. Now we got guys that are running around bragging about how good they did with Diaz when he was a lightweight.”

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