Josh Koscheck Wasn’t Telling Paul Daley Yo Momma Jokes at UFC 113

Written by Tom Ngo
May 11th, 2010

Paul Daley stole the UFC 113 show on Saturday night. Not with his uneventful unanimous decision loss to Josh Koscheck, but his despicable cheap shot following the convincing defeat to his bitter rival.

“I was in his ear, egging him on a little bit,” Koscheck admitted to MMA Live on what ignited Daley’s actions. “I said a couple of things he didn’t take too kindly, he was quite upset. Afterwords, he sat up and I was walking around – going to give him a high-five or something – then all of a sudden I get a left hook.”

And when exactly were you whispering these not-so-sweet nothings in his ear?

“I told him this the last minute of the fight. Actually, he threw his first jab of the fight and I said, ‘Wow, that was slow Paul,'” Koscheck said of his motormouth.

The welterweights engaged in one of the most entertaining pre-fight trash talking MMA had witnessed in quite some time. Although Kos is never one to back down from a good verbal spat, he claims Daley took things too far and deserved exactly what he got inside the Bell Centre in Montreal.

“He was talking a lot before this fight,” Koscheck said. “He was very arrogant and said a lot of nasty things before the fight and I let him know those kinds of things weren’t welcomed in the sport.”

MMA Live analyst and former UFC light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans, who is currently engaged in a vibrant verbal sparring session with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, asked if Koscheck was coming with momma jokes on the eve of Mother’s Day.

“Maybe a little worse than that,” Kos said of his advanced disses.

During his live post-fight interview on ESPN2, Koscheck was notified that his mortal enemy had been cut by the UFC for his deplorable act.

“I won twice,” the 170-pound top contender sarcastically stated.

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