Diaz is MMA's New Bad Boy

Written by Tom Ngo
June 17th, 2009

Question: Who is MMA’s new bad boy? Hint: Uses more than his share of four-letter words and points his middle finger with even greater consistency than his marijuana usage. You got it. It’s Strikeforce’s Nick Diaz! The only thing is, he’s starting to show he’s pretty formidable inside the cage as well.

“Don’t believe everything you see on TV,” Diaz said of his antics. “It’s all part of the show, folks. I just gotta do what I gotta do.”

What he has been doing for his entire career is building this persona as MMA’s new “Don’t mess with me because I will mess with you 10 times worse” guy.

Whether it’s getting suspended for testing positive for marijuana following the biggest win of his career against then-top ranked lightweight Takanori Gomi in 2007, flipping Frank Shamrock the bird directly in his face, or dropping F-bombs in every other sentence, Diaz may have overtaken some greats as MMA’s new bad boy.

Tim Sylvia is still competing with Diaz to be the clear-cut owner of the title, but after his embarrassing 10-second knockout loss to Ray Mercer this weekend, it’s tough to keep kicking the former UFC champ while he’s down.

Tito Ortiz held the title for many years, however his back injuries and age have made him a non-issue in today’s world of mixed martial arts.

Diaz may be looking to take sole possession of the title as he has stopped calling out individual fighters. He has now progressed to blasting an entire training camp.

“I know [Scott Smith’s training] partners,” Diaz said after he disposed of Smith earlier this month. “They’re not loyal training partners. They’re not good friends to have.”

Smith has been linked to many MMA training camps throughout his career, however he holds the strongest ties to Capital City Fighting Alliance in Northern California.

“We’ve got a team 20 minutes down the road, and I know everything they do,” added the brash Brazilian jiu-jitsu stud. “We work a lot harder than they do. I don’t like to talk bad about people I don’t know, but I know these guys.”

CCFA, consider yourselves on blast.

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