Faber Tweets X-Rays of Right Hand

Written by Tom Ngo
June 8th, 2009

If that hand looks familiar than you probably saw last night’s WEC 41 event. Following his second consecutive disappointing loss to featherweight champ Mike Brown, Urijah Faber stated that he broke his right hand midway through the 1stRound. For those that thought he was making up excuses, check out this nasty X-Ray.

You can clearly see in Faber’s TwitPic that the two far-right bones on his slugging hand are completely broken.

“You guys know I like to go out there and bang [expletive] up,” Faber said after his second loss in three fights. “My weapons were gone. I hurt both my hands and just stayed in there.”

Faber broke his dominant right hand after connecting on a power shot to the top of Brown’s dome in the early stages of their hotly-contested rematch. It was abundantly clear that Faber didn’t have access to his money-maker for the majority of the fight as he replaced his right punches with elbow strikes.

“I was all elbows after that, so I’d love to get back here in and get another shot at the title,” stated the discouraged Faber.

In true warrior spirt, Faber fought on til the every end, even coming close to submitting Brown with a guillotine-esque choke in the closing seconds of the 5thRound, however was unable to apply proper pressure due to his fragile hands.

No word on how long the WEC’s former golden boy will be riding the sidelines, however the California State Athletic Commission should be announcing the WEC 41 medical suspensions shortly.

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