Paul Daley on UFC Release: “I am Glad That Things Are Now Official”

Written by Tom Ngo
May 12th, 2010

While most MMA fighters would be distraught over getting fired by the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, welterweight Paul Daley claims to be experiencing a sense of relief. Although the UFC quickly shoved him out the door, Daley states plenty of others have already opened.

“That’s it. All over. I got my walking papers this morning and I am glad that things are now official,” Daley told MMAWeekly.com on Wednesday. “It’s a shame things went the way they did, but on the brighter side of things it opens up a lot more doors for me.”

Following his convincing unanimous decision loss to Josh Koscheck at UFC 113, Daley intentionally threw a left-hook to Kos’ mug WELL after the final horn. Dana White immediately fired Daley after the Brit provided aloof answers for the sucker punch.

No worries for the cheap shot artist because he’s already got his next gig lined up.

“I am fighting on a pay-per-view show in Australia on July 3rd with a lot of other big names, and I have other offers in the pipeline,” Daley matter-of-factly stated.

Although there’s only one summertime date in place, the welterweight hopes to add another scrap before fall arrives. At which point, he will then take his talents back to the Far East and enter one of Japan’s MMA tournaments.

“My plan is to string a couple of fights together before the end of the summer and hopefully get on one of the Grand Prix shows,” Daley added. “We’re currently talking to both Dream and Sengoku about getting a slot on their shows and there are some really good fighters there I can match-up with.”

It’s believed Daley will be suspended by the Quebec Athletic Commission, who is currently reviewing what went down inside the Bell Centre in Montreal this past Saturday.

“They must understand that as a fighter I have to earn a living,” Daley said. “This is my livelihood and if I have to serve a suspension before I fight again in North America then I will. I have no qualms about that, but I need to earn a living now.”

You tell ’em, Paul. How dare they even think of suspending you for your despicable cheap shot? The nerve …

Regardless, Daley will be able to work around his freeze by fighting in other countries that don’t abide by other commission’s sanctions – like in Australia and Japan. However the 27-year-old is hoping that once the dust settles, he might one day be able to find his way back into the Octagon.

“Stranger things have happened, aside from Dan (Hardy), there isn’t many exciting fighters there in that weight class,” Daley said before taking a dig at the division’s king. “Although a fantastic athlete, George St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck isn’t really going to be that exciting as they are both wrestlers. Maybe in the future they will need a striker to come in and shake things up.”

White addressed Daley’s employment status during UFC 113’s post-fight press conference by stating,“He will never fight in the UFC ever again.”

That sounds pretty definite to me.

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