Ngo-stradamus Predicts UFC 99

Written by Tom Ngo
June 13th, 2009

The world knows Nostradamus as the man that predicted many major world events. Well 5thRounders, Ngo-stradamus will look to do the same thing, but in the context of the MMA world. The all-mighty one is finding his stride once again as he bounced back with a convincing  4-1 mark at UFC 98. That makes him 59-26 over the last 17 UFC events (69.4%, including countless upsets). Check out how he foresees UFC 99 playing out.

Mustapha al Turk (+350) vs. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic (-550)

Mustapha al Turk was riding a wave of good momentum into his Octagon debut at UFC 92, unfortunately Cheick Kongo didn’t give him a kiss that New Year’s Eve weekend. Before he was stuffed from eating Kongo’s elbows and fists, al Turk had won six of his last seven, all against the who’s who-the-hell-is-this of MMA.

Cro Cop – well, where do we begin? Once tagged as MMA’s deadliest striker, CC hasn’t shown much life since subbing Josh Barnett (via strikes???) in September of 2006. Since, he has posted a meager 3-2 record, with one No Contest. It should be noted that he was getting thoroughly dominated by Alistair Overeem in that NC before taking some unfortunate knees to his package.

There is no way that Cro Cop can crap his UFC bed again, can he? It certainly helps that al Turk is out of his league.

Ngo-stradamus: Cro Cop via Unanimous Decision

Spencer Fisher (-200) vs. Caol Uno (+160)

Speaking of falling off the face of the earth, Uno hasn’t fought since losing to WAMMA lightweight champ Shinya Aoki last July. UFC fans last saw him getting his face dented in by Hermes Franca at UFC 44 back in 2003.

Fisher has won three of his last four, including two straight. He has always been an aggressive fighter and that will certainly help him in his tango with Uno.

Ngo-stradamus: Spencer Fisher via Unanimous Decision

Marcus Davis (-220) vs. Dan Hardy (+180)

Well this beef certainly came out of left field. Hardy is bitter that the UFC is using Davis as their poster boy for international shows, particularly in the U.K. and specifically their only show in Ireland.

The Englishman is pissed that Davis poses as if he’s from Ireland, when in fact he is not. He is also ticked that Davis is stealing his fan base, even though Davis isn’t even English, or Irish for that matter.

Hardy is hot, riding a five-fight win streak into this Saturday’s show, however Davis is no slouch himself, taking 13 of his last 14 scraps.

For all you gamblers, the all-mighty one would definitely take a hard look at Hardy.

Ngo-stradamus: Marcus Davis via 1stRound TKO

Ben Saunders (+190) vs. Mike Swick (-240)

Who starts their professional career with two straight draws, then rolls off seven consecutive W’s? If you guessed Mike Swick, you’re absolutely incorrect because his UFC 99 opponent is the one with the auspicious debut. Although he started out a little funky, Saunders has certainly found his stride.

If you don’t believe me, ask the basketball-sized welt that Brandon Wolff calls his forehead. Saunders unleashed one of the nastiest Muay Thai knee barrages the Octagon has ever seen. Wolff’s dome swelled up so big it looked like it was giving birth.

Yup, that finish was sure exciting. However, Swick is in a completely different league, and he will prove it. In fact, I’m kinda surprised that Swick isn’t a little bit heavier of a favorite.

Ngo-stradamus: Swick via 3rdRound TKO

Cain Velasquez (-200) vs. Cheick Kongo (+160)

Although it’s not the main event, this is the only fight on the card with major title implications. Both are young up-and-comers with the capabilities of finishing on a second’s notice.

Velasquez would be a fool not to take this fight to the ground. If he’s successful, it will be a long night for Kongo as he has done little to show his mat skills have improved since Carmello Marrero threw him around like a rag doll at UFC 64 back in 2006.

The winner could be another W away from challenging for the strap, so there is a lot at stake.

Ngo-stradamus: Velasquez via 3rdRound TKO

Rich Franklin (-150) vs. Wanderlei Silva (+120)

Although this fight is at a catchweight of 195 pounds, posting a win this weekend is significant for both of these fighters as their illustrious careers move in completely different directions.

Silva has dropped four of his last five tussles, ending up unconscious in three of them. The world’s former top 205-pounder  looks to use Franklin as a spring board for his mildly anticipated entrance into the middleweight division, a weight class which Franklin reigned before current champ Anderson Silva emerged onto the UFC scene.

For Franklin, he knows that he will never be able to find an answer for Anderson’s knees so he, ahem the UFC, decided that it would be best for the former math teacher to focus his attention elsewhere.

Franklin’s spin on this catchweight fight is that with a win over a 205-lb. legend like Wanderlei, even if he has consistently been on the wrong end of highlight reel knockouts, it should put his name in the hat for light heavyweight top contender status.

Look for Wandy circa 2004 to emerge this weekend as he will attempt to unleash his wicked Muay Thai knees, the very same weapons that he used to put Quinton “Rampage” Jackson to sleep, and face-first through the Pride FC ropes.

Ngo-stradamus: Silva via 2ndRound TKO

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