Tito: "[Babalu will] Get His Face Beaten in One Way or Another"

Written by Tom Ngo
June 11th, 2009


Although he hasn’t fought in over 13 months, Tito Ortiz is making sure that his voice is still being heard around the MMA world. The former UFC light heavyweight champ says his back is a lot better and he’s calling out Renato “Babalu” Sobral and Lyoto Machida.

“Babalu’s talked all this smack he did, don’t worry, he’ll get his face beaten in one way or another,” Ortiz stated on The Carmichael Dave Show. “I know he’s fighting here really soon, even if he does lose, I could care less but he’ll still get his face beaten just for talking [expletive].”

Babalu has been calling for “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy’s” head since he took down Mike Whitehead at “Affliction: Banned” last July.

He put Tito on blast again after he captured Stikeforce’s 205-pound crown his past November, stating that fighting Ortiz would be the icing on the cake.

“That would be great, that would be like a very good dessert,” Babalu said of his desire to battle Ortiz.

Not really sure how or when this beef started, but it has snowballed in massive proportions. It has gotten so annoying that during an exclusive interview with 5thRound.com, Babalu didn’t want to waste another breath on Ortiz.

“Everything that I have to say about Tito has already been said,” Babalu told us. “I have already said everything that I need to say to Tito to his face. I don’t need to talk about Tito anymore.”

Ortiz certainly isn’t done talking as he also set his sights on reigning UFC light heavyweight champ Lyoto Machid, the man who dominated him in his final Octagon appearance.

“I’m still young. I’m still hungry. I think my fans deserve a lot more bigger fights,” Ortiz said of his future plans. “I would love to take the belt from (Lyoto) Machida, that would be great. Machida’s a fighter, he’s really put on his last few fights, but the fights prior, he learned how to run, so let’s see if he knows how to fight as a champion.”

Before he can step back into a cage, Ortiz needs to sign with an organization. However, before a company brings him on board, they need to know that he’s fully recovered from back surgery that has kept him out since October.

Well, Ortiz would like to assure all the MMA organizations around the world, as well as his die-hard fan (Yes, that is intended to be singular), that he is almost good to go.

“There’s times that I thought of quitting and retiring, but it’s the fans who thrive me,” said Ortiz. “Now, I had my back surgery. I just started rolling, everything’s doing awesome. I’m excited. For once in my career I have no more pain in my back. Over the last six years … I’ve got through major back problems. I’ve finally got it pretty much cured already. I’m 90% done. I’ve got another 10% of just being 100% in my core.”

Time for talkin’ is done. Let’s see it, Tito.

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