Silva vs. Silva on Horizon?

Written by Tom Ngo
June 12th, 2009


You would think that the with the amount of coverage Wanderlei Silva’s beef with Anderson Silva is receiving, this Brazilian battle was set for this Saturday. It’s not, but UFC president Dana White suggests that it isn’t far off if Wandy is able to go circa 2003 and demolish Rich Franklin tomorrow at UFC 99.

“If Wanderlei Silva beats Rich Franklin in this fight then obviously he’s not going to be too happy about Anderson Silva trying to train Rich to beat him, and if Anderson Silva comes out of his fight with Forrest [Griffin], you know, if he doesn’t get banged up and he can jump right back in, we could see a Wanderlei Silva – Anderson Silva fight in the very near future,” stated the tireless promoter.

Anderson will meet Griffin in a light heavyweight tussle at UFC 101. Griffin will mark the UFC middleweight champ’s second light heavyweight Octagon fight. It took him all of 61 seconds to dispose of James Irvin in his 205-lb. debut.

Back to the beef, the Silvas have been exchanging countless threats and insults through the media recently, with things snowballing after Anderson openly offered to teach Franklin how to whoop his former Chute Boxe teammate’s tail.

For Wanderlei, the issue appears to be more about Anderson’s newly-found “holier-than-thou” attitude rather than his eagerness to share with Franklin his secrets.

“I don’t know what has happened with him now,” stated an irritated Wanderlei. “He’s changed his posture. In his interview, his ego is, I don’t know, maybe him thinking he’s the best in the world (chuckles).

“He’s afraid because he knows the power of my hands. They know I am a danger for him. He is a great fighter but the fighters that fight with him, the guys don’t punch him, the guys don’t hit him.”

If Wandy really wants to redesign Anderson’s face, he will first need to get past Franklin in vintage-Wanderlei fashion. Meaning, he needs to attack with the same vigor he did against his opponents in Japan. He needs to show UFC fans that he can still be an explosive best finisher.

And if all that happens, then he may be able to play “Dr. 90210” on Anderson’s grill.

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