Aces Wild At UFC 99

Written by Tim Ngo
June 13th, 2009

Rich “Ace” Franklin added a feather in his cap with a unanimous decision victory over the wildly popular Wanderlei Silva at UFC 99 today. Many fans inside the Lanxess Arena in Germany disagreed with the final decision, but a win is a win in the UFC.

It was clear that Franklin wanted to remain on the outside of Silva’s power shots from the outset of the fight, however the “Axe Murderer” was still able to get his hands on him.

“You know when you get hit and you see black for a second? Then everything came to, not like the ones where I get hit and not remember where I am for a few minutes,” Franklin said following the fight about getting caught in the 2ndRound by Silva.

Although conditioning seemed to be a factor for both fighters as the fight wore on, Franklin looked a little fresher as the weight cut didn’t seem to affect him as much.

“The cut in weight wasn’t overbearing and it’s just more doable for me. If there was a 195lb. weight class it’d be perfect but until then I guess I’ll stick around at 205,” Franklin explained.

With a win over the “legendary” Wanderlei Silva, as Mike Goldberg likes to say, Franklin may have put himself into a position to possibly be a #1 contender down the line in the light heavyweight division.

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