Video: Tim Sylvia KO'ed By Ray Mercer In 10 Seconds

Written by Tim Ngo
June 15th, 2009

It looks like Adrenaline will finally get major attention in the MMA world, although not the way that Monte Cox and company would’ve anticipated. Former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia was knocked out cold by former boxer Ray Mercer in only 10 seconds at Adrenaline III.

In what was originally carded as a boxing march, Mercer stepped outside of his realm and into Sylvia’s and may have proven at least to some that boxers can outstrike MMA fighters any day of the week, even in an MMA bout.

As you can see in the video, it seemed as though Sylvia was a step behind Mercer, who easily ducked under a right hook and landed a quick right of his own to Sylvia’s jaw that put his lights out.

Sylvia was once considered a Top 10 heavyweight in the world, but after Saturday night’s embarrassing KO loss to the 48-year old Mercer, it will clearly be difficult to defend that argument now.

Mercer vs. Sylvia was originally scheduled to take place as a boxing match, but was forced to be changed to an MMA fight after the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board refused to sanction the bout.

The “Maine-iac” is still scheduled to compete against Paul Buentello at “Affliction: Trilogy,” but it’ll be interesting to see what Sylvia has to say following the loss.

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