Swick Calls For GSP, Alves or Hughes

Written by Tom Ngo
June 15th, 2009


Former UFC middleweight Mike Swick has been perfect since dropping to the 170-pound division, and he believes that his four consecutive W’s are worthy of a shot at the strap. Swick is calling out the division’s top dogs, primarily because he wants to sit amongst them.

“This is my tenth fight in the UFC, I’m 9-1. I want to fight for the title,” Swick stated at the UFC 99 post-fight presser after defeating Ben Saunders. “I want to fight top guys – Matt Hughes, Georges St-Pierre, Thiago Alves.”

Although there is no telling how Swick’s future will be impacted by the outcome of the highly anticipated scrap between Alves and GSP at UFC 100, you better believe that Swick will be keeping a watchful eye regardless.

“I trained really hard, put a lot of time in. I want a big fight. I’ve had two fights with really tough opponents that weren’t high-ranked and I had a lot more to lose than to gain, and I accepted,” Swick said. “Now I’m in a position where I want to have something to gain when I push myself as hard and train so hard. I want a title shot.”

And what happens if the UFC denies him a 5Round fight after the UFC’s monumental July 11th show?

“I understand if not,” Swick respectfully said. “And if not, I’d love to fight Matt Hughes. He’s one of the most decorated fighters in UFC history… it would be an honor to fight him.”

UFC president Dana White chimed in claiming that Swick’s skills aren’t the issue in regards to his spot in line for the belt, the question is if the injury-prone fighter will be able to stay healthy enough to endure an intense training camp focused on a 25-minute war.

“Swick’s ready for a big fight,” White stated. “Part of the problem is keeping Swick healthy. That’s half the battle. Swick’s been around, obviously, since season one (of “The Ultimate Fighter”). We love this kid, he’s ready. As long as he stays healthy, I’m sure he’ll get a big fight.”

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